Sunday, March 30, 2008

Feb 19, my last post, OMG...

How does time go so fast? How do I spend so many hours on this computer and yet never seem to make time to blog? I have TONS of thoughts running inside my head, lots to talk about and yet I don't make the time to come here and get them out. So much is going on that I don't think I even know where to begin. Hubby being laid off has caused alot of stress over here, financial stress sucks! Thankfully our marriage is strong enough to handle it, but I tell you, the toll it is taking on me physically is awful. I am in the 3rd week of pain in my shoulder. I know it is tension and stress, icy hot helps for a brief time but I need the pain to go away.for good. The ex continues to be an ass, could careless to help out during this time, thinks his child support is enough. M hasn't made contact with me since C-mas, kinda irritated about that. I dropped him an email at the first of Feb., no response. I did find out that his sister is having a wonderful relationship with her birth family and is contemplating moving to the state in which they live, so wonder if that may have something to do with him not contacting me. Is his mother having a hard time dealing with J's new found relationship and M doesn't want to add to it? I sure hope he isn't taking on that responsibility, but I can understand if he is.

F has his first game tomorrow night, he has worked hard. I hope they win! He has done well dealing with the loss of his friend, however he did mention him tonight. I think he is afraid to "forget" him, poor kids, I hate that they have had to deal with something this tragic at such a young age.

K, Q, & J are all doing well. I am blessed to have such wonderful kids, but don't let them fool you, they all have their days...LOL

Well, for tonight that is all I have. So much more I could ramble about, especially if we want to talk adoption and stereotypes, but ahh for tonight I am too tired.

Hope everyone is well!