Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

What a bittersweet day this is for me. I have 4 really great kids right here with me, who love me unconditionally, who have already given me homemade gifts, a rose, a new pair of jammies to wear all day on Mother's Day (LOL, I might need to get dressed to go to mom's) and who will have more gifts of love when I wake in the morning, yet I am sitting here sad tonight.

So sad that I can't even get it into words. I think there is 1 thing that may make all the difference in how tomorrow goes and how unfair to my children is that? I will make an effort to be happy tomorrow, I know how much it means to them. But dammit, it's hard.

I am off for tonight, maybe more tomorrow. Happy Mother's Day to you all, no matter how you came to be one, even if you won't get to spend the day with your child, you deserve to be honored, take care of you today!


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Brown =) said...

Love you ((((HUGS)))