Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just a Rant

I don't even know how to title this post other than to say "Some laws really piss me off". F called me the other night after the homecoming game and asked if I would come and take him and some friends to the movies, buy their tickets for an "R" rated movie, drop them off and be on my way. I agreed after asking if the other boys had permission from their parents to see this movie. We get to the movie theater, I go in to purchase the tickets and to let the theater know that the boys have my permission to see it and I am told that "No, they can not sell the tickets to me for them unless I intend to purchase a ticket for myself and stay to watch it with them". Ok, first off, I DO NOT want to stay with a group of 16 yr old boys to watch a movie, Secondly, when did my parental judgement get taken away from me? If I say he can watch the darn movie, HE CAN watch the movie and to try and make me purchase a ticket and go sit for 2 hours with him is absurd. I could understand more if they wouldn't have allowed me to purchase the tickets for the other boys who were not mine, but to deny me the right to allow MY child to watch a movie that I was ok with??? WTF

I am trying to figure out who to contact for my next support payment on F, seems that someone else wants to parent him????


A Birthmoms Thoughts said...

sorry to post this on here but is having some troubles? I have been trying to get on all day and I keep getting some kind of crazy datebase error message.

Michelle said...

Yes! I have talked to Brandy and she has no idea as to when they will be back up. Hoping for tomorrow!

Michelle said...

That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard, I am surprised you didn't tell them where to go :).
Good grief Charlie Brown!

Thanksgivingmom said...

a little late to the dance, but here you go....

when I was in 10th (?) grade I went to go see Scream 2 on a double date with my best friend, her bf, and his friend. The bfs Mom drove us, bought the tickets, and SAME THING - they wouldn't let us in without her buying a ticket. She ended up buying the stupid ticket, went in with us, sat down, and left nearly immediately.

SUCH an annoying rule!!! (No matter WHICH end of it you're on - suffice it to say, we did not want a MOM tagging along on our dates! haha)