Saturday, August 25, 2007

Safe Haven

Well I know you will be shocked to hear that this is another topic that makes me want to beat my head against a wall!! First let me say that anyone of us that would judge another person, whether it be adoption related or not, is wrong. Who are we to say what, when, or how when the situation does not pertain to us and when we have not walked a mile......

I personally think that the Safe Haven laws are a good thing. Does it leave out the First Father? Yes, I guess it does. Do I believe that First Father's should have the same rights to their child as a First Mom does? I sure do! On the other hand, a first mom live 9 months of a pregnancy taking care of, making plans for, worrying about, the child that they are carrying. If the first father of an unborn child wants those same rights that she has he needs to take care of, make plans for, worry about the unborn child. Some may say "what if he isn't given the chance"? I say, that is an easy way out, he was strong enough to lay down and make a baby, he needs to be strong enough to step up to the plate, find out if the girl he slept with is pregnant (even if that includes some detective work). If he wants rights, he must do what is right!

As for the child, are they left without the possibility of knowing their first parents? Yes, I guess they are but the alternative of being left in a dumpster, canal, toilet, etc. gives them no chance at a life. So if we are talking about the best interest of the child, I think Life comes at the top of what would be best! No medical background, no knowledge of first parents, sucks, but the chance to be alive and functioning within a family that would love them and raise them as their own must count for something.

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thanksgivingmom said...

Yay for standing up for Safe Haven! I'm trying to provide Safe Haven a lot of exposure on my blog - once I can bring myself to write more about it!