Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I am Blessed!

I come here to vent alot about M and the adoption but believe it or not I do know how blessed I am. I have a life outside of adoption. A wonderful husband, 4 really great kids, good friends, all in all a great life. So this post will be about 1 of those 4 great kids.

Fred~ I am so blessed to have a 15 year old teenager that still thinks I am wonderful despite my nagging and the punishments I had out. I have always known that he thinks I "rock" but some days it hits me how much he really thinks of me and how lucky I am to have such a good boy. This morning, like all mornings, he was cranky. He is like his mamma in the sense that he does not do mornings. But today, in his rush to get up and get ready and out the door in under a half an hour, he remembered to hug me tight and tell me he loved me and hopes I have a good day.....this makes my heart feel so full!!I know alot of teenagers, hell, I was one, some are like mine, more aren't. He has such a good heart, my Fred, and I am sooo proud to be his mom and so proud that he is my son!

I love you Son!


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Michelle said...

I hope I'm that lucky when my kids are teenagers, especially the boys! It doesn't surprise me, you have some pretty awesome kids :).
Of course they have a pretty awesome mom, it musta rubbed off on them!
Love ya!

Mrs_Tammy94 said...

I am just getting to those teenage years. I hope my luck holds out. I am happy that you have such a wonderful supportive family.

Many blessing,

Mrs_Tammy94 said...

Oh, by the way, I have missed you blogs. I hope this finds you doing okay.