Sunday, June 24, 2007


Tonight was Qman's first playoff game and they lost. We have had such poor coaching this year and it is very frustrating for the kids. We had a coach who favored his kid, thought he was an All Star player and in the end it caused them to lose the playoff game. Now, before you tell me that one kid can not lose the game for an entire team, I know that. I teach my children that it takes a team to win and a team to lose, but honestly the coaches poor decision making caused them to lose the game. His kid is NOT a pitcher, however he continues to allow him to try. I think every child should have the opportunity to do what he wants to do, but I also think it is up to us as parents to see our children's abilities and inabilities and encourage their strengths and help them to be the best they can be at it. To continue to make them to do something they aren't good at only encourages low self esteem. As I continue to think about it as the evening has passed, he still could have pitched without the feeling that he "lost" the game for them, but his dad wanted to try and make him the hero that closed out the game with a win, instead his son allowed so many walks that we ended up losing and he was down on himself for it. *sigh* I am rambling on about a kids baseball game but it just frustrates me when parents live vicariously through their children instead of allowing their children to enjoy being a kid and being what they want to be.


Brandy said...

Gah Michelle,

This is exactly why I don't want/let Jerrett play in sports - it seems that every time we do it, someones 'all star' kid gets the spotlight.

There really should be rules regarding allowing someone to coach their child's team - its normal for parents to want their kids to achieve greatness, but they shouldn't be allowed to do it at the expense of everyone else on the team!


Michelle said...

I agree that parents should not be allowed to coach their child's team, that said, my husband will be coaching next year, FAIRLY! He is determined to show these foolish men that your kid can play and have a good time without having to be the star player. My boys are so into baseball that it isn't an option to be able to quit playing, so I hope that hubby coaching will give, not only my children, but others as well a fair chance to play and have fun!