Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I love this kid!

This is my last "baby". He will be starting kindergarten this year and he cracks me up! He is the sweetest, funniest kid. Today though, he gave me one of those "proud" mom moments, you know them, the ones that make you want crawl under a table and never come out. Well I guess it wasn't quite that bad since no one but me heard him, however as he said it I instantly thought "Ogmygosh, what if he would have been in school".

So he comes into my room and says "Mom, Quinton just kicked that ball at me and hit me in the nut"
I say" In the what?"
"The nut" he says, I explain to him, of course while trying not to die, that we do not call them nuts, they are private parts. He says" yea that".

Off to try and find Fred , cause I am sure that is where he learned "NUTS" Little do they know, they drive me NUTS...LOL

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Michelle said...

Too funny! I know I will be here one day, not looking forward to it..LOL. Love ya!