Saturday, June 30, 2007


My ex-husband is the most insensitive ass I think I know. Now, for those of you who don't really know the situation, he is the father of my bson and 3 of my children that I parent. He is currently remarried and has a son who is almost 2. I am often angry at him but for some reason today has me really pissed off! Probably because his stupidity today happens all to often, hence the reason he is an ex.

Quinton plays travel baseball, he tried out, made the team, and absolutely loves the sport of baseball. His world revolves around it, that is how much it means to him, in turn that means our world revolves around it, kinda. However, Daddy wonderful, thinks that it is only important to come when it is convenient to him. To help you understand how unreliable he is, every time the phone rings and it is him Q says "Wonder what his excuse is today?"

So, today the phone rings, it is his weekend to have the kids but because he couldn't manage to be able to get Quinton to his game on Saturday , I switched weekends and have this this weekend. He asks to speak to Q and I give him the phone, I hear "ya", "Uh huh", "why" "ok" "bye" "love you" After he hangs up I ask, whats up. He says well dad won't be at this game he has to take some needy people to the food pantry at the church.

So, to say I am pissed is an understatement! When is this man going to grow up and be the dad these kids need him to be? When are they going to come first? What makes him think that paying child support and coming to an occasional activity makes him super daddy? When is he going to realize that it takes more than being "fun time" daddy to earn their respect?

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