Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day 2 of Getting Healthy

I love this program! It totally motivates me to get my butt moving. I also found someone to do it with me, that makes it sooo much easier. What I like best is that I walk a total of 20 minutes... walk 5 minutes, stop, do 15 of these exercises, walk 10 minutes, stop, do 30 exercises, walk 5 more minutes getting you home. Once your home you do 1 minute of "reeds" and your done! Of course that is this week and next week gets harder, still only 20 minutes of actual walking, continuing the exercises I am dong and add in squats, the third week even harder. But I am determined and I will post my weight loss once a week. I am drinking my water, watching what I eat and trying to steer clear of snacking to much. I already feel better, just knowing I am doing something. Maybe I won't dread summer and bathing suit season quite so much :-)

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Teri said...

This message is for Michelle... Please forgive me, I don't know anything about this site. But I was reading a magazine on our vacation 2 weeks ago and found this article. I was SO excited about trying her 3-week walk & exercise program, then accidently left the magazine in the hotel room. As soon as I got home I ran to the store but the next issue was out everywhere and I can't find the article. I've been desperate to locate it and searched for "walk off 96% more fat" on Google, and your blog came up. I would absolutely love to get my hands on that 3-wk program so I could see exactly how to do the exercises (I can't remember them all) and in which time increments. If there's ANY way you could forward a copy to me or email any details to me I would greatly appreciate it! My email is hornetwsowife@yahoo.com. Thank you!!! -Teri