Monday, April 21, 2008

I've been Tagged.......

Apparently since I have been silent about my weight loss and elliptical progress a dear sweet cyber friend Becky decided this would be a great way to hear from me, so she wants to hear 6 random things about me, here we go!

1) I love to read! Janet Evanovich is my fav author and life stops when she publishes a new book. She is a very talented writer and her books are absolutely hilarious to read. Love, Love, Love her. I once stood at Barnes & Noble for 5 hours just to meet her and get an autographed copy of one of her books!

2) I love being at home. There is alot of truth to what Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz said "There's no place like home". My friends all like to go out, shop, meet for lunch, meet for girls day out but me, I like being home. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE TO SHOP, but for the most part, home is good! I even married a homebody like me, we just love being at home.

3) I love reality TV! The Bachelor, Big Brother, American Idol, are among the many shows I really like to watch. Maybe it is because I can visually see that dysfunction doesn't just live in my house...LMAO!!!

4) In general, I do not like women! I have had such bad experiences with girlfriends,the backstabbing, 2-faced kind. My heart is very guarded when it comes to making friends with females.However, with that said, I am VERY fortunate to have some awesome cyber girlfriends that I wouldn't trade for the world!!

5) I like to bowl and I am pretty good at it. Hubby and I bowl in a league once a week, this is our night out, see I told you we are exciting people..LOL

6) And the 6th random thing about me.....I really wanted 6 kids when I was younger. I have 5, parent 4 and can NOT imagine life with 6 kids. What was I thinking????

OK, there you have it. You can now officially say you know one of the most boring people in the world. I am going to TAG.....Michellebecause I think she forgot how to blog ! Leigh because she needs more fun in her life :-) Jennabecause having 2 kids isn't keeping her busy enough and last but not leastB because like Jenna she just isn't busy enough!!


Oceans... said...

hehehehe... Was wondering if you kept on reading earlier!! I hear you on the women thing. The first sign of drama and they go on the keep at arm's distance list...

lovelifefamily said...

Hi Michelle, Hope you didn't mean anything bad by this. I think of you as a very dear friend & hope all is going well for you and your family. Hope to talk to you soon.
Take care :-)

Michelle said...

When you tagged Michelle, were you speaking of me? Am I still tagged? I think you are an awesome friend and I don't think you are boring in the least. If I am still tagged, am I spose to write six things about myself too?