Thursday, July 26, 2007

Chicago~Here we come!

We are leaving in the morning to go to Chicago! Q has a baseball tournament, we will return on Sunday if he loses and if he wins we will stay and play in the Championship game on Monday, I am Excited! I am excited because it is "family time" we will also be doing other things besides baseball and I am always happy to show the kids new places. As a child my mom took us to The Sears Tower, we shopped, we loved Chicago! I will be able to share that not only with my children and hubby this weekend, but Mom will be joining us as well, FUN! Sooooo, this brings me to my favorite subject.....ADOPTION. My son will not share this weekend with me, I will not be able to say "we went to Chicago and had a great time" with him, I have never seen him play baseball (though I do have an awesome picture of him in his uniform) . I am saddened by this realization, it is just another "family" activity where I feel a part of my "family" is missing, I always have and I always will miss him more during these special moments. My thoughts during this weekend as I watch my children in the excitement of Chicago, will wander back to "what he is doing" "Where he is for the weekend" I love him and I miss him, OH I LOVE HIM!

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