Thursday, July 26, 2007

You GAVE me a title and NOW you tell me how I FEEL???

I am on a rampage this week, ignorance is following me and I am not sure why? Not only have I been told what title I hold and what I should be called in reference to my fisrt born son, but now I am being told that there is NO way that I should feel as I do, NO way that I could have possibly been made to feel like I had to place. Um, Excuse me, were you there? Have you been there? NO! I was not FORCED to place my child in the way that you force something, no one took my hand and signed the papers, BUT, Society told me along with the agency that my child needed a 2 parent home, with financially stable parents and what a great person I was to think of him first and do what was best for him. I was best for him, I just didn't know it, know why I didn't know it, I had no one telling me so. YOu have heard me preach it a million times over, ONE PERSON, JUST ONE, to have told me that I could have done it, but they didn't, they encouraged me, not MADE me but encouraged me and they used wonderful words like, Gift, happy, healthy, loving families, better life,etc. So for those that say "No one can make you do something you don't want to do" I say think again and look around ya, it happens EVERYDAY!


Charlotte said...

Ahhh! I really want to respond to this but I am so incredibly mad I want to spit!! For the same reason you are! Thank you for saying what I'm feeling right now!


Tammy said...

There are so many subtle forms of coercion (including withholding information as in, you weren't told how it might be possible for you to parent) that many are not willing to consider. You know what you experienced. Don't let others who are unwilling to consider someone else's specific situation tell you differently.

Thandi said...

I know I'm 2 years late but yes..I'm not a firstmom, but I know for sure there are HUGE societal pressures on young single women. It's silly to believe it isn't so.