Saturday, November 3, 2007

10 years of Patience, Do I have any left???

So, I sent the letter to D, kept it short and sweet and sent via email. Today is Saturday and that was Tuesday and I haven't heard a word. Not.A.Word. Not a, "Sorry, I am busy will write soon", not a "Sorry, M doesn't want me to talk to you", just nothing. It brings back 10 years ago when I was waiting for a return letter from her and never received one. This time though, I have more info. I know they are ok, I know that there is a possibility that M doesn't want anything to do with me at this time, what I don't know is why it is so hard to drop a quick email to let me know something. I feel the same way about 10 yrs ago, why was it so hard then to drop a letter in the mail explaining that life was hard and when things calmed down she would reconnect. It sucks to be left hanging, it really does. I feel hopeful that she will write but my patience is gone, just gone!


erased said...

I think it is RUDE.
I do have one email though, that I only check every 6 months because it can not be transferred to our 3 laptops and I rarely go downstairs to my 2 desktops. I forget to check, so that is the only possible excuse I will extend to her, otherwise it is RUDE.

Colette said...

I am new to your blog...I am sorry you haven't heard anything...I to think it is RUDE! I am an adoptive mother...I am going through this with our birth mom...not returning phone calls or letters. Oh well...Life sucks sometimes! hugs and I enjoy your blog!

Michelle said...

Thanks to both of you for your support.

It is rude, and I am trying to give the benefit of the doubt but it sure is hard. She knew I would likely be contacting her and I did contact her via her independently owned business email. I think I may try sending a letter through the USPS.

Welcome Colette, I am glad you found me, I will enjoy hearing more from you. ((hugs))

Brown =) said...


I know, sweetie. Sending good thoughts to you!!!