Friday, October 26, 2007

It's My Birthday!

Today is my birthday and I am so glad it is almost over. Not because it is a bad thing, age doesn't affect me much, but because this means that the end of October is very near. I hate this month, I do. I am doing better, I am realizing that I can not change the things that my ex has done, I can not make Mark want to meet me, I can not undo the past. What I can do? Be the best mom and wife to my family right here, be healthy emotionally and physically in case Mark ever wants to meet me, Love them all with everything I have. I am not spending any more negative energy on trying to make things be the way I want them to be. It is what it is and I can't do a darn thing about it.

All that said, we went to a Halloween party with my youngest boys tonight (the older 2 had a teen party to go to). We had fun and it felt good to focus my thoughts and time on them. Life is looking up, keep praying for me. Thanks!


erased said...

Happy Birthday;~)) Many more happy ones to come after reunion!!!

Brown =) said...

I did not know it was your birthday! Holding back I see....

I'm glad you are feeling better. Be grateful for the time with your family! It will happen when it's meant to be!


Thankgsivingmom said...

happy belated!!!


2boyzmom said...

Happy Birthday! I'm so glad to hear you're focusing your energy into what is great in your life. We cannot control what we cannot control. But we we can choose the cherish the joys we have.

BTW- it's zxczxc... :)