Wednesday, October 3, 2007

17 years ago today.......................

This was my due date. It was a Tuesday and I was due to give birth, but apparently he wasn't ready to come into this world. To be completely honest, I wasn't ready for him to come either. Everyday that he stayed in my womb was one more day he was with me. I remember like it was yesterday, I was swollen, I was miserable, I wanted to "get it over" and at the same time I wanted him to stay forever. Everything was in place, he had a new home to go to when he got here, his parents had his room ready, but this wasn't the day he was going to make his grand entrance. I went to the doctor and he was breech, the doctor told me to go home and put a radio on my stomach closer to my pelvic area and that he would turn and I would go into labor soon. I did just that, he did turn but he still wasn't coming out of there. We continued on for 2 more weeks and then I was scheduled to be induced on October 16th, I knew that would be a day etched in mind forever and one of the saddest days of my life. I prayed the days would go slow, but they did not. It came so fast, everything was ready for him to be here, but I wasn't. I talked to him, I told him that I was sorry that when he got here he would have to leave me, I told him that I would always love him, and I do. I do.

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Just a girl said...

((((HUGS)))) to you!!!

I was thinking of you yesterday (the 3rd) and reminding myself of M's b day upcoming! Weird!!!