Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I DO have other children

I find myself blogging so much about M and adoption that I forget that I have other children. Well I don't forget, I remember when they need money, I remember when they need clean clothes or a ride to a friends house but I forget to write more about them here. So I will include them tonight. Kaytlynn who is almost 13 plays Volleyball and I am her coach, she is awesome! She listens so well and really tries hard to do well and she has shown such improvement in the last year. WE had a game tonight, and won!! I try so hard not to emphasize winning and how to be good losers but darn it feels good to win! All of the girls were on their game tonight and it made me feel good.

Fred is almost 15 and has little time for us people he calls family, LOL. He is such a social bug, lots of friends and extremely concerned about being the best at everything he does and being healthy. He has a wonderful sense of humor and I am actually starting to like him again. You may say "how can you not like your kid" and I say "do you have a teenager?" LOL, I love him with every ounce of me, but liking him during the "teenage raging hormones" stage makes it hard some days. We are managing and he is becoming more pleasant daily. If you have older teenager and are wanting to tell me that he will grow 2 heads again at 16, save it, I like my fantasy world. HA! Fred plays baseball and plays very well I might add. He is a 2nd baseman, shortstop and a pitcher and again he works hard to excel at them all!! Mama thinks he is pretty awesome. This is actually off season for him right now so you can find him at the local gym working out to keep himself in shape!The picture above is him going to his first homecoming dance.

Quinton is 10. He will forever be 5 to me if he doesn't start growing soon! Honestly he is so little, weighs all of 53 lbs. He also plays baseball and infact plays the same positions as his big brother. He made the travel team this year and played well over 60 games and has decided it may be a few years before he does that again. It was an exhausting year for the little guy, but he did enjoy it while he did it. Quinton is very laid back, not to much bothers him and he lets most everything roll of his back. He makes friends so easily and has never been a shy kid. He has the sweetest personality and loves his little brother James, irritated by the older siblings and would probably rather sell them for more Wii games than call them siblings.

And then there was James. He is 6 yrs old and just started Kindergarten this year. I have never seen a kid love school as this one does. He REALLY loves it. He goes in the afternoon, has to be there at 12:40, by 9 am he is already asking if he can go to school. He is learning so much and I am so proud of him. They told us when he was born that he would not make it through the night, he fooled all of them. They then told us he would be severely delayed, again they were wrong. He is a VERY healthy kid, active, plays baseball as well as the other 2 and it learning just as quick as the other 3 did at this age. This is the last one and I have enjoyed each one of them with their similarities as well as their differences. I wouldn't change anyone of them even when I feel like I live in a zoo!!!

Mom loves you kids!!!!!

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