Sunday, October 21, 2007

We love this time of year!!!!

Fall is my favorite time of year! The leaves are changing, everything is so beautiful and it is cool, ok, normally it is cool. We have had a hard time getting our fall weather this year, we have had some pretty warm days compared to years past, but we are getting there. Tonight was one of those cool nights. My mom gave me my birthday present early, it is a gas fire pit. Are you excited? I was!! There is nothing better than sitting around a fire pit with the hubby and the kids and roasting marshmallows and that is exactly what we did tonight. Lil James decided he doesn't like the "black stuff" on his marshmallows so he sat around most of the night trying to "pick" it off...LOL. Fall means Halloween to my kids. They are anxiously awaiting for mom to take them costume shopping and I am procrastinating like nothing you have ever seen. Why you ask? Have you seen the prices of costumes? I am not Martha Stewart so there will be no sewing done here in the Sutton house, I will "suck"it up and go buy them sometime this week, Blah! I didn't mind it when they were younger as they continued to play dress-up with their costumes and I felt like it was money well invested, however, now that most of them are older it just seems crazy to spend that kind of money on a few hours. But I will. I will.

Hubby made a couple of coffins for the yard and decorated. He has done an awesome job of making sure every kid in the neighborhood is scared to death of coming to my house, haha! My oldest wants to sit in between the 2 coffins and pretend to be a fake person, jumping up when someone comes up to get candy. Tis the fun of Halloween for my kids, but I do worry about the "wee" ones and how I can get candy to them without scaring them to death. But really, it is all in fun.

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You've got precious kids.